The Premium deerskin leather slippers are made by one of the softest leathers available. They are natural and sustainable. The deerskin is of the highest quality and sourced from one of the leading tanneries in the US. The material is durable and fantastic to wear.

All slippers are lined with high quality natural goat leather.

The nubuck slipper is made of calfskin leather. The leather has been sanded or buffed on the grain side / the outside. This to give a slight edge / nap of short protein fibers, which gives a velvet-like surface. A soft and almost silky feel to the hand. It is resistant to wear and the finish creates a natural water repellency. Gets darker when wet but gets back to natural color when dried. Nubuck is similar to suede, but is created from the outer side of a hide, giving it more strength, thickness and a fine grain.

Suede is most often the back side of the grain side of leather. The one we use is from calf. The surface becomes more robust in its feeling and character. The more frequent usage, the shinier it becomes. 

The grain leather is a structured calf leather, this leather and it features is slightly harder in its feel and more resistible then the others. Beautiful, classic and modern for everyone to wear. Comes in suede sole for indoor use or rubber sole for light outdoor use. 

The fur slippers comes in a indoor or outdoor version and the fur is from goats and sheep from Italy. The texture is natural and so beautiful so we kept it on the outside of the slipper. The fur will still keep you warm and you can view it at the same time. We choose to have calf leather lining (instead of the fur) for those who might have sensitive skin.

The fake fur slipper is made of synthetics but is so soft it almost feels like a real fur. This is an option for those who want the fur feel but don't like or want real fur. A casual contemporary slipper for cozy indoor days. 

All slippers are lined with high quality natural calf leather.  

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