Elevate your indoor style with our lovely slippers. Not only beautiful to look at but very comfortable to wear. A soft cushioned feel and a small wedge for maximum everyday comfort. You'll find various colors and materials such as suede, nubuck and fur.  


The FIG BAG is the perfect clutch crossbody combination. The strap is adjustable so you can wear it as long as you want. When you want to change it to a clutch you simply just hide the strap into the bag. 

DEERSKIN LEATHER- Soft premium unisex slipper

Stay classy and comfortable. Our classic unisex slipper Venus is crafted from luxuriously soft, durable deerskin leather. Designed with a small wedge for maximum comfort, this timeless easy-to-wear slipper is destined to become your everyday staple.

COMET - Fur indoor slipper

COMET is our soft premium slipper. The top is a mix of softest sheep fur together with suede. A furry companion for everyday use and festive occasions.

KASTI by TÄRNSJÖ leather

The products in this section are all made by leathers from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. All leathers are vegetable tanned using cows from the local surroundings. Tärnsjö is the first tannery in the world to be certified OCS = Organic leather. 


KASTI was founded 2018 from the need to re-invent products we use in our everyday lives.

We believe the combination of comfort, practicality, style and quality is missing in the market. 

We are talking about everyday bags and unisex slippers. 

KASTI products emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness and quality and comfort. 

The brand was Swedish born and is today based in Copenhagen,  Denmark. We want to keep all manufacturing as close as possible to the design source, but at the same time produce where they have the best skills for leather craftsmanship and production. We find this to be in Italy and Portugal. All handmade.

We strive to work against the seasons and urge the slow change of products. We focus on the seasonless investment pieces.