KASTI was born from the wish to re-create products we use in our everyday lives. Products such as slippers, bags and leather accessories

We aim to align contemporary products with practicality and comfort.  With timeless design, durable materials and usability we hope to make long lasting products. Hopefully even over generations. 

The leathers we use in our products are sourced from the food industry around Europe. Leather as a material is one of the strongest and most durable materials to use for accessories, it is in this case also a leftover from the meat industry. The leathers are tanned and finished in a factory in Italy. The slippers and bags are then produced in two small family-owned factories in Italy and Portugal. 

KASTI was Swedish born but is today based in Denmark. We see ourselves as a Scandinavian brand having influences from all over the Nordics. 

We strive to work against the seasons and urge the slow change of products.

Everyday staples we can´t be without. 

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Meet FIG L. This is a true companion for actually all occasions. As a clutch to a party, on the shoulder or as a crossbody. You can fit more than necessary and adjust the strap as long or short as you like.

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Elevate your slipper style with our lovely slippers. Not only beautiful to look at but very comfortable to wear. All year round, indoor or outdoor. A soft cushioned feel and a small wedge for everyday comfort. You'll find various colors, materials and soles for indoor as outdoor, for him and her.


Here you will find bags in different sizes made by lovely light materials in straw such as raffia and jute. The natural straw fibres gives the bags a fresh summer feel and perfect for warmer summer days and holidays.