KASTI is all about luxurious simplicity for everyday use with attention to details and developed to provide the perfect fit. In response to our growing urban existence, KASTI emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness, quality consciousness and comfort. Focusing organically, incorporating the essence of the natural materials, sustainable leathers and materials  from premium leftover production. 

The brand was created from the need to re-invent  missing products in the market and fit the modern lifestyle.  We strive to work against the seasons and urge the slow change of products, and to focus on the seasonless investment pieces. 


KASTI has elevated the basic slipper, perfecting the shape and fit, creating a contemporary yet timeless genderless style.  Created with respect for the artisanal skills of handmade slippers with production made in a small-scale-family-owned Italian factories selected for its unique expertise.


The founder of Kasti has an extensive background from the shoe-fashion industry. With professional perspective as a buyer, but also as a consumer, Katarina created the brand Kasti from her personal need to re-invent a slipper. A slipper that is comfortable, fit the modern day lifestyle and to breath new life into the almost extinct Italian art of slipper-making by hand.

The brand is Swedish born and today based in Copenhagen,  Denmark. We call ourself a Scandinavian brand. All manufacturing is done as close as possible to the design source, in Italy and Portugal. 


Stay updated and comfortable all day in our outdoor slippers.  The comfort and design is inspired from our unisex indoor slipper. Quartz comes in grain leather with a thicker rubber sole and all lined in softest goat leather.


 We are very proud to present our newest member to the KASTI family. The clutch bag FIG . It is the perfect crossbody bag, but is at the same time a clutch, since you can hide the strap inside the bag.

(More colors will come shortly)

INDOOR EVERYDAY - Slippers for him and her

Elevate your indoor style with our lovely slippers. Not only beautiful to look at but very comfortable to wear. A soft cushioned feel and a small wedge for maximum everyday comfort. You'll find various colors and materials such as suede, nubuck and fake fur.  


Mercury is a contemporary slipper for him and her. It is a  comfortable, relaxed, everyday companion. To use at home or after a YOGA session perhaps? Comes in beautiful colors such as olive (picture), red, black, merlot and grey. 

DEERSKIN LEATHER- Soft premium unisex slipper

Stay classy and comfortable. Our classic unisex slipper Venus is crafted from luxuriously soft, durable deerskin leather. Designed with a small wedge for maximum comfort, this timeless easy-to-wear slipper is destined to become your everyday staple.

NUBUCK LEATHER - Soft premium slipper

Our classic unisex style Mars comes in soft nubuck leather, and gives a relaxed, modern update. With a silk-touch feel and unique rugged finish, nubuck creates a natural water repellency to become your perfect everyday companion.