KASTI started from the wish to re-create products we use in our everyday lives. Products such as slippers, bags and leather accessories. All having the red thread of practicality, style, comfort and craftmanship in the dna. Products being modern and timeless  at the same time.

KASTI was Swedish born and is today based in Denmark. We see ourself as a Scandinavian brand being influenced from all over the Nordics. KASTI wants to keep all manufacturing as close as possible to our markets and head office, but at the same time produce where they have the best skills for this type of production. We find this to be in Italy and Portugal. All hand-made in fine Italian leathers. We strive to work against seasons and urge the slow change of products. We focus on the seasonless investment pieces. Everyday staples, we can't be without.

All hand-made in fine Italian leathers. 

Everyday staples we can't be without. 

Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do

/ Love from Katarina