KASTI is all about luxurious simplicity for everyday use with attention to details and developed to provide the perfect fit. In response to our growing urban existence, KASTI emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness, quality consciousness and comfort.

Focusing organically, incorporating the essence of the natural materials, sustainable leathers and materials  from premium leftover production. 

The brand was created from the need to re-invent missing products in the market and fit the modern lifestyle, SLIPPERS & BAGS. We strive to work against the seasons and urge the slow change of products, and to focus on the seasonless investment pieces.  


The founder of Kasti has an extensive background from the shoe-fashion industry. With professional perspective as a buyer, but also as a consumer, Katarina created the brand Kasti from her personal need to re-invent a slipper. A slipper that is comfortable, fit the modern day lifestyle and to breath new life into the almost extinct Italian art of slipper-making by hand.


 Kasti has elevated the basic slipper, perfecting the shape and fit, creating a contemporary yet timeless genderless style. Created with respect for the artisanal skills of handmade slippers with production made in a small-scale-family-owned Italian factory selected for its unique expertise.


The comfort and quality is key; the Italian shoe-industry remains the most renowned in the world where Kasti slippers still are handmade by a small-scale fourth generation family-owned factory located in an Italian village known for its slipper-making crafts, with unique inherited knowledge and expertise in the almost extinct trade of handmade slippers.

The craft-based skills of slipper-making has been inherited down by generations, the most knowledgeably workers are today retired and the trade starts to die of in the vortex of mass-production, low demand for quality products and knowhow.


The KASTI bags were born from the need of specific products. We were missing smaller and larger versatile bags. Contemporary yet classics staples for the wardrobe. All production is made in Italy and Portugal.


The brand was Swedish born and is today based in Copenhagen,  Denmark. We call ourself a Scandinavian brand. All manufacturing is done as close as possible to the design source, in Italy and Portugal. 


All products we present have a red thread in what we want to emphasize and communicate. We want to focus on the timeless and seasonless. Products that shall work and last over seasons and time.