KASTI was born from the wish to re-create products we use in our everyday lives. 

Products not only beautiful but also practical, comfortable and sustainable. We strive to work with the mindset of no seasons and to use durable materials. 

We offer an assortment with great products where the design lasts over seasons. The KASTI foundation is a base where we introduce only a few new styles and colors with every new season.

The KASTI collection consists of bagsaccessories and slippers. The products are uniage and most of the products are unisex. All products are designed in Scandinavia and the production is made in small family owned factories in Italy and Portugal. 

KASTI is a brand being influenced from the uniqness of Scandinavia. Our vision is to be sustainable and we work with the intention of being fully transparent in the way our products are made today. Gradually we are taking steps to reach our vision. Today we use fine premium leathers from the European food industry.

Everyday staples we can't be without. 

Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

/ Love from Katarina & team KASTI

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