KASTI was founded 2018 in Stockholm Sweden and are today based in Denmark. The brand was born from the need to re-create products we use in our everyday lives.  Products that feel modern yet timeless and focuses on practicality, style and comfort. 

KASTI produce slippers, bags, travel / cosmetic cases and jewellery accessories.

 In response to our growing urban existence KASTI emphasizes on craftsmanship, timelessness, quality and sustainability. KASTI is all about luxurious simplicity for everyday use, with attention to details. We strive to work against the seasons and urge the slow change of products. We focus on the seasonless investment pieces, and unisex products where it is possible.



All our products are handmade where we find the skills are the best and where it is geographically as close as possible. The slippers in Italy and the accessories and bags in Portugal.

 Everyday staples we can’t be without.


Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do

/ Love from Katarina