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Scandinavian Mind
"Picking your own oysters in Vadehavet and the closeness to everything is such a luxury" Contemporary unisex accessories brand KASTI was birthed from Katarina’s need for slippers that was suited for the comfort of your home, but still dressed up enough to leave the house with.

— I thought the options out there was too dated. Kasti started with slippers for men and women but have now developed to an accessories brand containing slippers for him and her, for indoor and outdoor, and leather accessories. Kasti’s lead words and mindset are to work against the seasons and create products that can be sold and worn for a long period of time.

October 2021 - Read full interview here


Damernas Värld
Omslag - "Höstens kappor & jackor" 

December 2022


Metro Mode
"Mysiga tofflor att bära hemma i vinter - vi listar 32 favoriter"

October 2021


M Magasine
"Romantiskt" Sommaren har nog inte varit så bohemisk och romantisk sedan 60-talet. Dina luftiga kaftaner matchas med kilklacksandaler, halmhattar och virkade väskor."

August 2022


Plaza interior
"Chefredaktörens val" Hållbart hantverk. Höstmys är varmt, villagolvet kallt. Kasti är hållbart hantverk."

November 2022


"Gå ikapp hösten"

September 2022

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